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Why we should not vote for Santa Claus! 

If you are reading this, the chances are you have the tools you need to decide the issues that are important to you and decide how to vote. 

If you do not do the research your self, you rely on information you have. You know what political parties generally believe. You, may have heard of the name before - good or bad but something stuck. This is name recognition.  This is the reason Sarah Palin , Nick Begich, and Al Gross finished 1,2,3 out of 48 candidates  in the race for the House this last week.        


But it is NOT the best way to choose a candidate. A vague memory of wha you know. It was why a man named Santa Claus , with nothing but name recognition, had more votes than  42 other  candidates. 

   If  you voted for Santa Claus because you  did not do the research before   you went to the polls, its better that you do not vote. A vote for Santa Claus is a vote for Anarchy. It is basically telling every one that you have not a clue about the issues, and you vote for Santa Claus to tell everone they, and the positions they are seeking, mean nothig to you and a vote for Santa Clause is your way of  telling then that they are not importnat  to you. That just will not work when the real probkem is you and the 75% of you did not even vote. That does not bode well for democracy in America. 


 Key to the remedy  to this problem  is knowing the facts, issues,  and candidates before  going onto deciding your representative.

Granted, recently the “facts” are increasingly becoming arbitrary. Some are ignored. Some of the supposed facts are actually fabricated. So we increase our suspect of the truth and this makes it harder to get behind a position on the issues. The challenge has become in putting enough true veted facts together to come to a conclusion.


 The facts are more digestible if it matches your set of  long- held core beliefs . So we watch NBC because they seem to evaluate the news similar to our beliefs. You choose the facts that support your views because it’s easier to do that than challenge your own core beliefs. 

Especially when the information is being delivered in a slick way. The medium is the message! It can obscure facts and can confuse you about the very issues that are essential to you.  

So it takes a lot to change the way we think about how we are influenced. But to know that we are being flooded with information to force us to make sense and quickly categorize it, is an important part of being a questioning part of a successful democracy. Challenge what you hear and know. Don’t get labeled by anyone. Expect to think about what you know differently. Make up your own mind. If we can all do that maybe we can make this thing called Democracy work !